Third Blight


The darkspawn swarmed the southern Tevinter cities of Marnas Pell and Vyrantium, as well as the Orlesian cities of Arlesans, Churneau and Montsimmard. The Grey Wardens quickly organized a defense, and despite heavy losses in the besieged cities, the darkspawn were pushed back. The significant battles of the Third Blight were massive in scope, compared to those of the previous Blights.

In 3:18 the darkspawn horde went east, focusing their efforts on the more lightly defended Free Marches, attacking the city-states along the Minanter River. At first Orlais and Tevinter did nothing, preferring to rebuild their ravaged lands. However, steady pressure from the Grey Wardens convinced both nations to send aid.

Battle of Hunter Fell

In 3:25, the combined armies of the Grey Wardens, Tevinter and Orlais met in Hunter Fell and destroyed Toth in one of the bloodiest battles in history. It was said that the darkspawn corpses were piled as high as a hundred feet and then burned. With the death of the Archdemon, the Third Blight came to an end. It was considered a relatively short event compared to previous Blights.


In the same year Marcher states, still celebrating the end of the Blight, were taken by surprise as the victorious armies turned on them. Orlais took Nevarra, while Tevinter claimed Hunter Fell. Marchers fought back, and eventually regained their independence—Hunter Fell in 3:49, Nevarra in 3:65.

Third Blight

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